Lightroom Tutorial – Autumn Photos

autumn photos

On todays blogpost i want to show you a tutorial how you can bring quite boring autumn shots to life and give it a special dramatic, cinematic look.

This tutorial video is not intended to give you the exact same result that i have here, but it should show you the important steps. The presets for Nik Efex i´m using in the tutorial video are all customn made, so its not about just pressing presets, but about using a combination of filters, to adjust these and to learn what these filters do to your pictures.

What do you need for this tutorial? You can do this tutorial with any kind of camera you have + Lightroom and Nik color effex 4 Plugin (Lightroom CC if you want to use the dehaze)

I used the Sigma 24mm 1.4 + Sony A7II for this shot and a ND1000x filter + a tripod, 30 sec. exposure @ F11, ISO 160

Now when you look at this raw file it really doesn´t look like much, but there is lots of information saved that we can bring out.

Original Raw File:

autumn photos 2

Finished Jpeg:


You can find all my results in this blogpost here and a review of the Sigma 24mm 1.4 here

So.. experiment, play with the settings and create your own unique look with it, i´m shure you will get some great results.

Here is the Video Tutorial, like and subscribe to my youtube channel, i will make more of these:

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