Using the big boy Tamron 150-600mm on Sony A7II REVIEW


I always wanted to try a huge zoomrange like 150-600mm, so i borrowed the Tamron150-600 lens with Nikon Mount from a co-worker for a weekend to test it out.

To use this lens on an A7II  body you need an adapter, i´m using a cheap chinese adapter from Amazon, which is all metal and has an aperture ring on it: Adapter Nikon G to Sony 

Keep in mind you will have to wait quite some time to get it, depending on where you live, but of course you could also buy the manual Commlite adapter for Nikon, which has a more precise aperture ring: Manual Commlite Nikon to Sony Adapter 

I´m not really planning to buy Nikon lenses so i took this cheap adapter for my test, if i buy this Tamron 150-600 it would be the A Mount version: Tamron SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD for Sony LAEA3 Adapter 

Why this adapter and not the LAEA4? The LAEA4 has a mirror in it, which makes no sense to me having a mirrorless camera and then putting a mirror on it and also have light loss, not much but its there. So i rather have the LAEA3 with slower autofocus, but all electronics beeing received from the lens, you can set aperture in the camera and you get all picture infos in lightroom.

The LAEA3 adapter enables you to have phase detection on the A7rII with very quick focus, so thats an option for me when i upgrade my camera either to the A7rII or the A7III which i´m quite shure will have the same focusing system.

With this chinese adapter you can only manual focus and there is no way you can get autofocus right now with your Nikon lens on an A7 body. Commlite is working on an autofocus adapter for Nikon, which is still in beta, but will have phase detection support on the Sony A7rII, shown in this video here:

Update 30.11.15: The Commlite Autofocus Nikon Adapter is now for sale on ebay (currently sold out)

But lets go on with my test:

so..i finally got the manual chinese adapter for nikon and the lens and mounted it on my A7II, i wasn´t quite shure if it would work as i imagined, but the adapter is built good with all metal. The lens snaps on very easy and it holds it safe, only thing is you have a bit of a play, maybe like 2 or 3 mm, but thats not an issue everything works as you can see in my photos.

This huge beast of a lens is very heavy and big, no surprise here, it weighs 1951 gramms and has a huge filtersize of 95mm. So Filters will cost you quite a lot. Its an F/5-6.3 wihch is very good and usefull for that zoomrange.

I had no problems using it on a cloudy day, you will have to use a monopod, or tripod anyway, here is what i use:

Amazon Basics Monopod and Montana Tripod

Both, the monopod and the tripod can hold the Tamron and the A7II with no problems, the Tamron has an extra tripodmount on it so that it is well balanced:


Handholding the lens is possible, the 5 Axis IBIS of the Sony A7II works great with it, but it really depends on your personal condition for how long you can hold it. To make things easier you can set the ibis focal lenght to a customn button so you can quickly change that when you zoom in and out.

I think you will probably want to hand hold this beast only for max. 30 minutes. Also make shure to have a bag with you that is big enough to hold the camera with the lens on it, i can recommend this one from lowpro: Lowpro 450

The focus ring on the Tamron is very precise, the lens is made from high quality plastics, the built quality is very solid.

But how is the image quality? Let the images speak for themselves (no sharpening applied, vingnetting is added in post), click for fullsize:

600mm underneath a bridge from far away (about 300m)






As you can see by these images the sharpness is very good, best sharpness is from 150-400mm but 400-600 is also very good, only contrast and black level have to be tweaked a bit. So for a 900€ lens with that huge zoomrange and this perfomance is very impressive!

My Conclusion:

I only had the Tamron 150-600 for 2 days so this is more of a Hands on, but i really enjoyed using it and i´m very happy with the results, IQ and sharpness is much better than i thought and i would definetly like to purchase one.

Tamron if you are reading this, please bring this lens for Sony FE Mount and also your excellent 24-70 2.8 zoom lens!

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