The Samyang 14mm Ultra Wide Lens and why the Sony 10-18mm is a nice choice! REVIEW

This blogpost  is about the Samyang 14mm 2.8, which i got for my Sony A7II camera, because i always wanted to try a ultrawide lens.

Samyang lenses are being sold under differnt brands like Walimex in Germany and Rokinon in the US and some others, i bought the Walimex Pro branded from Amazon. You don´t need an adapter for this lens, because it allready has a fixed adapter built in for E-Mount and there are no electronics, so your camera will not receive any exif data from the lens.

The build quality of this Samyang is very solid, its got an aperture ring on it, so you have to use it fully manual. Its not as heavy as you might think, i´ve used it very often handheld on my A7II.

It works very good with the IBIS and as with all manual lenses the focus magnifier is a big help for focusing, but i must say that at least with my copy of the Samyang it was sometimes quite difficult to see the exact sharpness in the viewfinder. You can use the peaking of course, but compared to my other manual lenses this one felt a bit faulty sometimes when you looked through the viewfinder and tried to focus and also the infinity setting wasn´t really precise. Make shure you test your copy when you get one.

This lens comes with a lens hood attached and the front glass is quite huge, and not standard, so you can´t put a screw filter on it, the lens cap is also huge.

About the Samyang 14mm

Type: Prime

Focal Length: 14mm

Aperture: f/2.8 – f/22

Close Focus Distance: 0.28m

Diaphragm Blades: 6

Construction: 14 elements / 10 groups

Length: 93.6-117.1mm

Diameter: 87mm

Weight: 530-573g

Lens Hood: fixed

Angle of view: 115.7°

Introduced: 2009

But how is the image quality? Once i had it focused right i was very pleased with the results, this lens has best sharpness at F8, since its an ultra wirde lens you will probably use it very often with this setting and not 2.8, allthough i found it quite ok on 2.8 but nothing breathtaking.

When you only sharpen the edges in lightroom you can get some great results out of it, here are my samples:



So would i recommend the Samyang 14mm? Well, yes and no, its a nice choice, you can get it for about 400€ now or cheaper used, but you can get the Sony E-Mount 10-18mm for about 680€ or cheaper, The 10-18 is an APSC lense of course but you can use this on a fullframe body, having autofocus and use it from 12-17mm and correct the edges in lightroom very easy. If you also have a crop sensor camera like the A6000 you have the full focal length. So that´s an option you should think about. The excellent Sony 16-35mm is probably the best choice but also the most expensive for 1.200€ and there is also the excellent Voigtländer 15mm Heliar III for 740 € but which needs an adapter and is only manual.


Here is a testvideo i found on youtube showing how to use the Sony 10-18mm on fullframe:


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