The mighty, little Zeiss 35mm 2.8 REVIEW



This blogpost is about the little Zeiss FE35mm 2.8 ZA, which was the first lens i bought for my Sony A7II.

The Zeiss 35mm is very lightweight it has only 120g! Its so small and lightweight that you think its a toy when you hold it the first time 🙂 when you take the lenscap off that comes with it, you will probably think “how on earth can this little lens with some glass inside make good pictures?!”

The answer is yes it can, and it is quite fast with 2.8, not 2.0, not 1.8 or 1.4 but it works for most situations and with 35mm its versatile, not as much as 24mm but it works and its also dust and moisture resistant, which you might not know:

The dust and moisture resistance design makes this lens appropriate for heavy-duty outdoor use, especially when combined with a camera that employs weather resistant measures

About the Zeiss FE35mm 2.8 ZA

  • Mount: Sony E (NEX)
  • Lens Type: Prime
  • Dimensions: 2.44 x 2.44 x 1.46 inches
  • Min. Focus Distance: 0.35 m
  • Filter Thread 49mm or on the lens hood 40.5mm
  • Weather Resistance: Yes
  • ZEISS T* anti-reflective coating, minimises flares

If you plan to buy filters for the Zeiss and want to use the lens hood make sure you buy a 40.5mm filter so you can screw it directly on the lens hood, the lenscap will still be usable. See the links below which ones i use. Advantage: you don´t need more expensive ultra slim filters like from Sony.

This lens works amazing with the 5 Axis IBIS of the A7II, if you have set a customn button on your camera for backfocus and you press it you can see in the viewfinder and the LCD screen how well its working, see my testvideo below.

Now this lens has autofocus which works very good in most situations, only on VERY dim lighting you should check your pictures twice and probably use the manual focus mode. I´ve tested this in my living room at night. The Focus is also very silent:

“A silent autofocus mechanism means you can capture the details of an intimate moment with great precision. This is very useful in both film and photographic situations where you and your subjects do not want to be disturbed by mechanical noises.”

The smile/ face autofocus works great on the Sony A7II for portraits

But how good is it really? Let´s see some images:




This little Zeiss Lens is capable to produce very sharp images allready at F2.8 with very little CA´s which can be corrected in lightroom. The bokeh can be very nice allthough its “only” 2.8. The beauty of this lens is that it´s really very small and lightweight, so if you don´t want to carry a heavy lens and want to have autofocus, this is a very good choice! I would recommend this Zeiss lens anytime for your A7 series camera, you can get it for 680€.


Here is a testvideo i shot handheld with this lens and the Sony A7II:



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