Sony A7II Firmware Update 2.0 REVIEW PART I

tammi neue version

Sony recently gave us Sony A7II owners an amazing christmas present ūüôā The Firmware Update 2.0. This free firmware update transforms the A7II into the little brother of the A7rII, which allready has Phase Detect AF.

These little Phase Detect AF points make a huge difference, not only that you can now focus much quicker with your canon mount lens with adapter on your Sony A7II but also with A-Mount lenses and the LAEA3 and also the LAEA1/2 adapter and native E-Mount lenses focusing is much better now.

This update also gives you uncompressed RAW, a feature that has been demanded by Sony Users for a long time.

In this first part of my 2 part review i take  a look how good the Sigma 24mm 1.4 Canon Mount with the Commlite Adapter works in Single and Continues Focus modes.

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The Video was shot with the NX500 and the kit lens in 4K.

Read my Review for the Sigma 24mm 1.4 with lots of images here:

SIGMA 24 mm 1.4 ART on Sony A7II REVIEW

Uncompressed RAW files edited in Lightroom, shot handheld with single and continues AF:


Make shure to check out Part II of my review, where i¬īm testing 3 affordable adapters and one is with very good AF speed!



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