Sony A7II Fimware Update 3.10 REVIEW

Sony just recently released the new Firmware Update 3.10 for the Sony A7II

In this Review video I´m testing  how good the continues Focus is now with the new update using the AF-C mode with my Canon 70-200 F4 L.

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For my test i have set the drive mode to continues shooting with high speed, which gives us 5 pictures with one burst on the Sony A7II and the focus area to wide.

You can see in my video that the result of  the little focus test i was doing with the canon 70-200 is pretty good for an adapted lens. I´m using the affordable fotga adapter with this Canon lens.

To completely freeze the action i was using shutterspeeds from 1000-2000 of a second, you can download the pictures by right clicking on them when they are open big in the gallery and save as to see exact exifs.

So lets see how good this Canon 70-200 performs in real world action on a Sony a7II with the AF-C Mode.

As you can see I got a lot of sharp and right focused pictures here, for an adapted lens I think the result is pretty good. You get the best results when your timing is like 2 seconds before your subject moves. So for very fast action a camera like the Sony A6300 will always be your best choice, but with the latest 3.10 update the Sony A7II just got even better as an allround fullframe camera

In this scene here you can see that the small kid is very good in focus but the kid suddenly starts running in my direction where i was standing and the af-c  is not fast enough to follow this kind of action.

The af-c worked very well though when it was tracking objects from left to right or right to left.


Sony has done a great job with this update, the phase detect AF points are moving faster and  more precise now when tracking objects.

I´m very  pleased with this Canon lens and with the results i´m getting, even on moving objects now with the A7II.

The AF-C is really usable and is a lot of fun to use. Of course the A7II was never ment to be a sports camera but you can get some nice results with it too.

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Canon 70-200 F4 L + Sony A7II REVIEW


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