SIGMA 24 mm 1.4 ART on Sony A7II REVIEW

Got my new lens for my loved Sony A7II the Sigma 24mm 1.4 Art Canon Mount and the commlite adapter.

About this lens

Lens Construction 15 Elements in 11 Groups
Angle of View 84.1º
Number of Diaphragm Blades 9
Mininum Aperture f16
Minimum Focusing Distance 25 cm / 9.8 in
Filter Size (mm) 77mm
Maximum Magnifications 1:5.3
(Diameter x Length)
85mmx90.2mm/ 3.3inx3.6 in
Weight 665g / 23.5oz.
Corresponding Mounts
Sigma DG HSM
Nikon DG HSM
Canon DG HSM
HSM -Hyper-Sonic Motor

You could think thats a heavy lens, but it´s not, the weight is really ok on the A7II with 665g its not too heavy as a always on walkaround lens.

Now you could probably ask why this lens, when there are these great FE lenses?! Well the answer is very simple:

The sharpness allready at 1.4 is very good and very usefull sharp, when you stop it down it gets even sharper in the corners, and perfect for lowlight shots and street photography.

There is some purple fringing on 1.4 but its not much and  you can correct that in lightroom with some clicks.

It´s quite a big lens, you have to keep that in mind, but you get that very fast 1.4 speed and this Sigma ART lens delivers also enough resolution for the Megapixelmonster the A7rII, IQ is fantastic! Bokeh, rendering, color, contrast are great and you get that 3D Pop like with twice as expensive Zeiss lenses.

The buildquality is very good and solid, the lens is made with high quality plastics, but you don´t have weather sealing.

The Sigma is a great deal it costs only about 700€ and you can get it used for less, with 24mm it is very versatile so you can use it not only for landscapes but also very good for portraits, so its like a lense you will have on all the time.

As you can see in these image samples, the level of detail and sharpness of this lens is amazing. With the A7II and also on the A7RII it gets stabilized, which is a huge plus!

The close focus distance is only 0.25m, so you can get very close to your subject and still have that great creamy bokeh, like with a macro.


Autofocus with the Sigma 24mm 1.4 ART on the Sony A7II the story from 2015 – 2016

First when i got this lens in 2015 i was using it only manual because you could not autofocus with it on the A7II, but since the Firmware Update 2.0 with Phase Detect AF this is possible, watch the Videos below to get the full story:

UPDATE 23.11.15: Sony A7II finally got a Software Update with Version 2.0 now it has Phase Detect AF so you can autofocus with this Sigma!



UPDATE 06.02.2016: I noticed that you can get some lightleaks in the corners from time to time with the Viltrox adapter from F4 beginning,  i think this comes from some shiny material in the adapter and can be fixed with some tape, haven´t testet it yet though

UPDATE 31.05.2016 : Make shure to watch this  Video where i´m showing you how the  Face Detect AF is working with the Viltrox AF Adapter


With the Sigma MC-11 Adapter now you have all AF functions like with a native E-Mount lens incl. Eye AF, check the links below where to buy!

Read my complete Review here and watch the Video:

Sigma MC11 Adapter REVIEW


Here is my old video Review Video from 2015:

And here a Video i shot with the Sigma on the Sony A7II



My Conclusion:

I can really recommend this lens, its image quality is outstanding, its very versatile and you will probably never take it off your camera, only if you need a tele lens. It´s definetly my favourite lens and would absolutely love to have this lens for Sony FE mount and to be able to use autofocus without an adapter. Nontheless Sigma now offers the MC-11 Adapter which gives you full AF functions with this lens.

Sigma if you are reading this, make your great ART lenses for Sony FE Mount, regardless of the MC-11 adapter! 🙂