Shiny Prints HD Metal Print REVIEW


Recently i got a mail from Shiny Prints, they asked me if i want to review their high quality metal prints and i immediately wrote them back “of course i want!”

So, after a while a huge wooden box came to me all the way from Jupiter, Florida, USA. The packaging is allmost equaly as impressive as the print itself, but have a look at the YouTube video and watch my full unboxing! Also make shure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for free:


Located in the Jupiter area of palm beach county in south Florida, Shiny Prints was started in 2013 from a pure passion to create the best possible high end print possible. Founder and COO, William Heinitz pledged to focus on one product and do it better than anyone else. Shiny Prints started by working directly with local artists and photographers. It was that direction that allowed us to grow and become one of the high end metal print labs in the country.


Since we only offer Metal Prints, its important to have the absolute best possible materials and equipment in our production process. We only use the latest F series line of dye sublimation printers by epson that was specifically created for this process. This, combined with custom created print profiles that were made for exact setup of paper/printer/press and working environment, we are able to achieve the most accurate and sharpest metal print in the industry.


We understand the need to be competitive as our industry grows which is why we offer the lowest prices in the industry with a best price guarantee. We go as large as 48″ x 96″ in a single panel which only few labs in the country can match. We offer the most competitive pricing on custom size prints and all our metal is cnc cut, not shear cut like the other labs which will offer a choppy edge that is more likely to chip and peel. Did I mention that we also offer the largest assortment of frames and backings? Dont see something on our website? Contact us and we can usually get you what you need.


We stand out from most labs with our direct and personal approach. We understand that your job is to create works of art, its our job to make sure youre getting the best possible prints to represent your masterpieces. We offer 1 on 1 help and assistance to all our professional customers. We are more than happy to explain our process and what you need to get the best possible results.


How is the metal print made?


First, the file is printed on an Epson dye sublimation printer using specialty dye sublimation inks on specially manufactured transfer paper.  The paper is then taped to the chromaluxe metal blank panel and then pressed on the heat press with very high pressure and heat for 2 minutes.  During this process, the inks are being infused into the white coating on the aluminum.  Once the baking process is complete, the transfer paper is removed to reveal a beautiful finished glossy print that requires a few  minutes to cool and is then mounted or framed.



Shinyprints is offering a special code for the viewers of youtube channel and for the readers of this blog. Make shure to subscribe to this youtube channel and then go to and use the code DSP25 to get 25% off your first order 



I have a lot of printed images hanging on my walls, but  none of them has this kind of quality, the colors on the metal print just shine like the image was processed with hdr and you are looking at your monitor and you can see all the detail, the difference is really that big, you have to see it with your own eyes. The quality of the frame is also excellent and so this is really worth it´s price. I can highly recommend this quality product from Shiny Prints.

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