Panasonic LX100 – A perfect 4K Partner for the A7II REVIEW


The Sony A7II is a great stills camera, but it can´t record 4k, so i was looking for a 4k camera, which should be small, lightweight and could also take some nice photos. The first 2 cameras i found where the Samsung NX500 and the Panasonic LX100.

Well, i decided to take the little LX100, heres why:

The LX has a fixed Leica lens on it which is very fast 1.7-2.8 and a great range from 24-75mm with optical stabilisation. The sensor in this beautiful, compact camera is a very good FourThirds 12,8 MP, which can go up to ISO 25600. Now you might say 12 mp thats not much, but if you look at my image samples you will see that its enough for the web, social media platforms like facebook, 500px, flickr… So this little camera is very capable of producing beautiful pictures and records 4k with 100mbps (without overheating 🙂

Macro and Portrait Samples captured all with the LX100, if you look at these shots  without knowing you would probably never have thought that these shots are taken with a FourThird Sensor Camera:






The LX is so compact you can easy put it into a jacket pocket and carry it with you. Now you probably will ask, ok but why not the Sony RX100 IV??

Well first, the RX100 IV is much more expensive it costs now 1.100€ and thats for a camera that overheats after 5 minutes of internal 4k recording! The Lx100 has non of these recording issues and you can get it now for around 650€ or used even cheaper, so its a much better deal.

The Video quality of this camera is outstanding too, here are some 4k Videos i shot with it:

Watch in 4k for best quality (you don´t need a 4k monitor, just switch the quality to 4k in the yotube video options)

Here is a 4k Timelapse video all shot with the LX100:

So if you are looking for a compact camera with great 4k and photo features, make shure to have a look at the little LX100!


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