Lightroom Mobile – Video Review

lightroom mobile review

In this blogpost i want to show you how powerful Adobe Lightroom for Mobile is, the app is for free and you can use it on your IOS and Android mobile phone or tablet. When this app was first released you could only use it as a monthly subscriber of the Adobe CC program, but now you can process all your local photos which are located on your device for free.

That means you can edit all your pictures you have taken with your cellphone and tablet and you can import photos from you dropbox, and the best thing is the app supports even DNG (raw files) and TIFF!

When you are a subscriber you can even sync your settings made in the app with Adobe Lightroom on your pc via wifi, this process is pretty quick and works great.

Here is a complete Video Review i made, the video capture was all done  using the Nvidia Shield Tablet and the intro scene is filmed by the Panasonic LX100:

About Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Free Lightroom! Unleash your creativity with free access to Lightroom for as long as you’d like on your smartphone or tablet.

Capture, edit, organize and share images anywhere, anytime with Lightroom on your mobile devices. Choose from more than 40 presets to transform your photos with a tap. Experiment with color, adjust clarity, add vignettes and more

When you start the app you can choose your photos from your mobile device, JPEG, TIF or DNG. You can export DNG files from your Lightroom Desktop PC and then upload them to Dropbox, from there you can download the files to your device if you have no subscription of Lightroom CC. Especially this feature to import your raw (DNG) files is great, there are many other apps for your mobile devices, but whats special about lightroom mobile is that you can sync
all your settings with the desktop version of lightroom if you are a subscriber of adobe cc. So its very convenient to be able to adjust basic settings on your sofa with your tablet or smartphone and then finish your photos in lightroom desktop version.

Here is how it looks:


When you choose DNG also the EXIF files will be displayed, you can edit whitebalance, temperature, contrast, exposure…like you would in Lightroom on your Desktop PC, you also have quick presets to choose like black & white…



Sample images edited with Lightroom Desktop and then finished with Lightroom Mobile:

small changes like warmth and detail


Complete raw editing from DNG file in Lightroom Mobile


Great black & white conversions


Pre editing in Lightroom Desktop basics and dehaze and rest Lightroom Mobile




Lightroom Mobile is a very powerful app, you can edit your raw files as you would on your pc but only much more convenient on your sofa or when you are on a travel. You can finish your photos in the app or start basic adjustments and then finish your photos on your pc. There are other apps for editing pictures on mobile devices, but this Lightroom app gives you most of the features you love and know from Lightroom Desktop.

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