In the Zoo with the Canon 70-200 F4 L + Sony A7II

Yesterday i have been to the zoo and thought thats a perfect place to further test my Canon 70-200 F4 L lens on the Sony A7II.

First i thought maybe the zoomrange of 70-200mm could be a bit short, but it was perfect for my visit to the zoo allthough its area with the enclosures for the animals are quite large. Animals like goats and ostriches are not afraid of humans and usually come to the fence to get some food anyway, so from there you can always get some good shots.

On that day the weather was quite cloudy, so i took my monopod with me to be able to use slower shutterspeeds and keep my ISO setting lower. If you are planning to visit the zoo i can definetly recommend to use a monopod. I could even shoot snakes, a crocodile and an iguana in a  palm house, where the light is very low. The A7II with its 5axis inbody stabilization and the ISO performance helped also a lot for shooting indoor.

I was very surprised how good the autofocus actually worked indoor in that palm house with my adapted Canon 70-200, now of course snakes and crocodiles are moving only very slow most of the time, but the autofocus was always spot on. I used the continues AF-C autofocus mode of the Sony A7II  with a shutterspeed of 1/400 second and ISO 1250 indoors to make shure to get everything sharp, like the tongue of the snake. The snake and iguana where behind a glass, so i had to shoot this through the glass, even that did not stop the autofocus.

For the pictures of the parrots and the squirrel i had to shoot through a grid, which can be very difficult with any lens, but also that worked very well with the adapted Canon 70-200.

Now lets have a look on my results, all edited in Lightroom, you can also save these pictures to your pc in the gallery by right clicking on them (save as) and then see which details like shutterspeed, iso and focal length was used:

Conclusion: I am more than pleased how good this Canon lens performs on my A7II, having shot with native FE lenses and a lot of adapted lenses i really hardly notice any difference when i´m outside shooting. Of course there are some modes like the lock on AF and the Eye AF you have to sacrifice, but who knows, Sony is always good for a surprise and maybe they can give us this via firmware update. In the mean time the AF-C mode with the phase detect points do a good job on moving objects. The image quality and detail this lens can deliver on a Sony with its outstanding dynamic range is just amazing, so for about 500€ for the Canon 70-200 F4 L you get a lot here!


If you have been reading my Canon 70-200 F4 L + Sony A7II Review you allready know that i really enjoy and love this lens on my Sony camera. If not make shure to read my review here with lots of image samples and a full review video:

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