DXO Nik Collection 3 REVIEW

In this blogpost i want to take a look at DXO´s Nik Collection 3, which features 8 apps / plugins for photographers. Make shure to watch my review video in which i´m mainly focusing on Color Efex Pro 4 and Analog Efex!

Don´t waste time and let me get straight to the DXO page? Shure here is your link!

But first: what is in the collection?

Color Efex Pro 4

With 55 filters and 20 image recipes, Color Efex Pro will bring atmosphere and creativity to all your images, helping you make the most of your photography.


Viveza helps you get the exact colors you want… and only where you want them. Discover the world of ultimate color control with Viveza.

Silver Efex Pro 3

Bring a touch of Cartier-Bresson and Ansel Adams to your photography with Nik collection’s exclusive Silver Efex Pro plugin.

Perspective Efex

Instantly correct the optical flaws and distortions present in almost every photo. Using DxO’s vast database of lens and camera profiles.


Low-light photos can often be full of noise; it’s a fact of digital life. Tame the noise and create brilliant photos minus the noise.

Sharpener Pro

Nik Collection Sharpener Pro plugin can extract all the sharpness and beautiful detail from your original image.

Analog Efex Pro

Inject incredible vintage atmosphere into your images with Analog Efex Pro. Recreate the look and feel of old photos while mimicking the effect of vintage cameras and lenses.

HDR Efex Pro

Nik Collection HDR Efex Pro plugin is easy to use and can help you create dramatic HDR images that will take your breath away.

So you see it´s quite a lot what you get here, 8 very useful plugins / apps which will help you get the final look of your images.

UI / User Interface

One of the most important things of any software is it´s UI / User Interface, if the UI is not user friendly and easy to understand most users will just stop working with it. DXO made a really good job here, the UI of all the Plugins in this collection is really easy to understand and you can get very good results in minutes.

The standalone apps look a bit outdated though in 2020 and could use a refreshment and some additional features. One thing i´m missing in Color Efex Pro 4 for example is a simple visualisation of the images i have imported on the bottom where you can switch to the next and previous photos.


The performance of Color Efex Pro4 on my older Intel Core i5 quadcore CPU and a Nvidia Geforce 1060 GTX 8GB OC + 16 GB RAM was ok but this is also one thing i whish DXO would improve in future updates. The Apps are using the GPU to process the images (you can turn this off/on in the options) but it´s not as effective as it could be. For example if you are applying a filter you can see how the image builds up, its not very slow but it´s one thing that should be improved. More performance is always welcome if you want to load more images at once.

Favorite apps of this collection

My favorite apps of the Nik Collection are by far Color Efex Pro 4, it´s very easy to get great looks and styles with a modern vintage, analog look for example. It´s also great for giving very flat images brilliance, warmth and detail. This is definetly the standout app in this collection!

Image Samples

NON Destructive Editing

DXO Color efex Pro 4 let´s you edit your images in a non destructive workflow, this means that you can undo everything and you can also compare your results before and after anytime, which is great:

The other favorite app is Analaog Efex, which is really fun to use with it´s different camera models and the filters for them. Make shure to watch my review video on YoutTube in which i´m showing you some examples!


The DXO Nik Collection 3 is a great bundle of very useful apps/plugins. You can use the plugins in your favorite photo editor like Lightroom/Photoshop for example or you can use the standalone apps. This collection is definetly a must have if you want to take your flat photos to the next level and if you are going for a special kind of look and style.

If you consider how many really useful tools you get here, the DXO Nik Collection is definetly worth it.
The price is now lower than ever, for only 99€ you get a lifetime license and there are no subscription plans!

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Highly recommended tools for any photographer!