Anker Powercore 20100 REVIEW

I have been using the Anker Powercore 20100 now for 1 month and in this review i want to show you how usefull it is when you are out in the field shooting photos and video and also for your everyday use.

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When you are having mirrorless cameras like the Sony A7 series or the NX500, you know that you need a lot of batteries. I usually take 2 or 3 batteries with me, but it happens quite often that I forgot to charge one or 2 of them so what to do? This is no problem if you have the anker powercore with you and your external chargers with 2 usb cables you can charge 2 batteries of your camera at the same time.

If your camera supports incamera USB charging you can also directly connect the Anker to your camera and charge it, but then of course you would have to carry the Anker with the camera in your hands or find a solution.

The anker powercore comes with 1 USB cable and a pouch to keep your powerbrick save. The capacity of the Anker is huge with 20100 mah you can charge a tablet like the NVIDIA Shield and a smartphone like the Sony Z3 to 100% for about 2 times and then  there is still some juice left.

To charge the Anker Powercore itself you can do this via the USB cable, i´m charging it on my Playstation 4 which is on standbye over night and there is also an external charger available from Anker.



The anker is one of these tools which makes your tech life a lot easier and when you have one for a while you will ask yourself how  could you ever lived without a powerbrick like the anker with all these tech devices that need a lot of juice. After having it used for a month now I can totally recommend the anker powercore.


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