Streetphotography with the A7II and manual lenses


Todays post on Sunday is about streetphotography with the A7II, which is something i really enjoy since i have this camera.

Weather is bad? No idea what you should shoot next? Why not try some streetphotography, it can be really fun and rewarding.

Basicly you could do street with any camera, but it really helps having the 5 axis image stabilization in the Sony A7II and in the A7rII, because you can keep your ISO low most of the time. On the A7rII you will also have the totally silent shutter as a bonus, which will be very helpfull on street photography.

I´m using the Sony A7II with the Sigma 24mm 1.4 canon mount with adapter, this lens is an autofocus lens, but autofocus doesn´t work on the A7II or would only work very slow with it. If you want more info on that i have written a blogpost for the sigma here: Using the Sigma on an A7II. See the link list below for all the links to adapter, lenses, cameras. The Sigma lens is fast and very sharp at 1.4, so that also helps a lot on bad weather or late in the evining and at night.

Now of course it would be easier having an autofocus lens, but once your into manual focusing with the focus peaking and the magnifier you will nail every shot + the bonus that you focus and think a lot more on what you want to shoot. The result will be a lot more keepers and it will be even more rewarding to you.

I can really recomend trying to manual focus just for one day, it might even change your photography completely.

Of course there are some other outstanding manual focus lenses out there for FE Mount like the Zeiss Loxia 50mm F2 or the crazy fast Mitakon 50 mm F0.95 and the Mitakon 85mm 1.2 which is great if you want to shoot a lot of portraits. And of course there a lot of great vintage Minolta lenses which you can use with adapter. The benefit of buying manual focus lenses is most of the time better, smoother focus ring and also a much lower price compared to autofocus lenses, you could also try the excellent Samyang 85mm 1.4. If you just want to try manual streetphotograhpy with your existing autofocus lens, just switch it to manual.

Here are some shots i made with the Sigma 24mm 1.4, if you practice a bit you will see that you can even capture moving people, objects quite easy, if you plan your shots and focus at the right time + fast enough shutter









If you master shooting moving objects manual, non moving will be a piece of cake














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