Street Artist Festival Linz 2016

Update 11.09.16:

I finally finished my VLOG for the Streetfestival, get some chips & beer and enjoy! Make shure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to be one of the first to know when a new video is online:


In this blogpost i want to present you my latest images shot with my loved Canon 70-200 F4 L + Sony A7II + MC 11 Adapter on a street artist festival in Linz, Austria.

The “Pflasterspektakel” street artist festival exists since 30 years now in Linz, Austria. 300 professional street artists from 30 different nations come here to present their art in various locations in Linz.

So i thought that is the perfect chance to test my trusty Canon 70-200 F4 L again how good it can capture these great moments.

The Sony A7II was set to AF-C and continues shooting + using the phase detect points with the center selection + fast shutterspeed from 1/1200 – 1/6000 sec.

The MC11 Adapter does not give you Lock On AF with a Canon lens yet, but you have Face AF in the center which was very helpfull too.

Now how good does this work? Very good! I shot most of the images handheld and with a monopod, while moving the lens into the direction where the artists where moving i made shure that they where in the center part of the AF. This way i got a LOT of keepers.

After having done all these focus tests and shot hundrets of images i can totally recommend this combo,  MC11 Adapter + Canon 70-200 F4L, below the images you can find the links where to buy!

I´m still working on a Video to further show the differnce between AF-C with Lock on AF vs. Phase detection points only, but for now have a look at my results, all edited in lightroom + nik color efex pro:



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