Sony FE 50 1.8 for Portraits and Street


In this blogpost i want to show you my experience with the new FE 50 1.8 for using this lens for portraits and street photography on my Sony A7II.

This is not a full review, you can read that here:

Sony FE50mm 1.8 REVIEW

First of all, the new FE 50 is really slow in focusing, slower than other Sony FE lenses so that will be an issue if you are trying to capture moving subjects. Nontheless the good thing is that you do have full Eye AF and Face Detect AF, so definetly make use of this great feature!

To activate the Eye AF and Face Detect AF go to your menu and turn them on. Eye AF will only work with Native FE glass and also with the Sigma MC11 Adapter. Face Detect AF does also work with affordable adapters for Canon Mount lenses like from Viltrox and Fotga watch my Video for that here:

Sony Face Detect AF with affordable Adapters


The person must be in front of you so that the face, eyes and mouth can be recognised by the camera, otherwise the Face and Eye AF will not work.

The way it works for me with the FE 50mm 1.8 is first auto focus using your shutter button or backfocus button then you will see a square will appear around the face, thats the Face Detect AF. When you press the shutter now you will see the square will turn green and the camera will take a photo. This works very good, but since the FE 50 1.8 is slow you definetly have to time that, especially if you take photos of small kids which are moving nonstop.

One thing you have to be aware is also that if the person is wearing a hat or has a lot of hair hanging down to the face the focus can be off especially if you are using apertures like 1.4 or 1.8. So then its better to use the Eye AF, i have set the Eye AF function to the middle button of the jog wheel, so again focus using your shutter button and then when holding the middle button a small green square will appear on the eyes, either on the left or right eye, hold the button and press the shutter. This way you can be shure that the eyes are sharp.

Here are some images shot handheld this way with natural light only, edited in lightroom + color efex pro:


When your subject is moving it can be very, very difficult with the FE50 1.8 even with the Face Detect AF and Eye AF, especially when someone is running in your direction. I had a LOT of misses untill i got this shot done 🙂

As i have written in my review, the image quality and sharpness of this lens is just great and also the look. So even that the FE 50 1.8 is a slow lens together with the Sony A7II this will make a great combo.

Here are some more images:

Update 11.06.2016 some more street shots using this sweet little lens, this time with the lens profile for the FE 50 1.8 in Lightroom, after using the profile with correction a lot less chromatic aberations show up, so its easier to correct now


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