In Part II of shooting JPEG with the Fuji XT2 i´m going out with my favorite telezoom lens the Fujinon 50-140 2.8 taking some streetshots in Linz, Austria.

In part I i allready told you how great the Fuji jpegs look out of camera and  that you get fantastic image quality allready with the 18-55 Kitlens. Now i wanted to know how good would the result be using Fujis excellent 50-140 2.8 lens shooting jpegs.



First of all,  i really enjoyed it again shooting  acros black & white and allready seeing the result in the viewfinder and on the XT-2s LCD screen. It´s like watching a movie but only a lot better because i´m the director 🙂  The colors of the classic chrome simulation are also great, but acros is by far my favorite, thats why i shot a lot of black & white.

I  also tweaked the settings of these 2 simulations using the Q-Button which is so simple to use, here are my settings:

Now if you look at my images you will probably ask how did i get that look if i shot only jpeg, now the jpegs allready came out really nice, but i tweaked them even more in capture one. I ´ve added quite a lot of contrast and also adjusted the gradiation curve and simple settings like shadows, highlights  and a bit of clarity and structure to the acros files. To the classic chrome files also a bit more saturation:

Now this is just one example, i´ve adjusted each photo differently for my taste and to what looks good for me. One thing to keep in mind is that when you shoot jpeg you will not have so much data to play with like when shooting raw. Especially when you are shooting with acros you have to be very careful with the highlights, but all in all i must say that you can work with the jpegs a lot more than i thought. Croping is also no problem when only shooting in jpeg, the detail is fantastic especially with this incredible 50-140 2.8 lens + XT2.


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