NX500 + Kitlens ISO Test 4K Video

In this Video i want to show you how good the Kit Lens of the Samsung NX500 is and also how good the BSI (Backside Illuminated) Sensor is.

For an APSC Camera the NX500 has some great tech inside its small body, and after i made my ISO Tests i´m quite amazed how good this camera is on Video in terms of ISO performance.

There are some blownout parts, but in december when there is no blue sky and only grey in grey, then i think the result is pretty good and this kitlens can deliver some great sharp 4k Video.

You can find my Hands on Review for the NX500 here:

NX500 – Hands on Review


I´m still learning how to get the best out of the NX500 4k files, but i think that these settings are pretty good i used here:

  • Autofocus on
  • Color -8
  • Sharpness 0
  • Contrast -8
  • 4k DC 24P 4096×2160
  • tripod, handheld, monopod used
  • handheld and monopod scenes warp stabilised
  • No Lut, simple grading

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