Latest Shots with the TTArtisan 35mm 1.4 in Traunkirchen

In this blogpost and video i´m showing you my latest shots with the TTArtisan 35mm 1.4 + Fuji X-T2 in beautiful Traunkirchen, Salzkammergut (Austria).

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The lake and the mountains provide opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, sailing, diving, skiing, swimming, and surfing. The village is known for the Fischerkanzel (Fisherman’s Pulpit), located in the parish church, which was carved in 1753.

Traunkirchen in the Salzkammergut of Austria is a very beautiful place and it´s not yet overrun by tourists like Hallstatt for example. We really enjoyed our time here and can recommend this place for relaxing, hiking… and of course for taking photos!

The very small and lightweight TTArtisan 35mm lens worked great for me on this travel, i also had the Fujinon 18-55 kitlens with me, but since the TTArtisan 35mm lens is so lightweight it´s an “always on” lens.

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