Iridient X-Transformer vs. Lightroom

In this short blogpost i´m taking a look at the Iridient X Transformer Fujifilm RAF to DNG converter.

Why would you need this? Lightroom sadly processes the Fuji RAW files not in its full detail and sharpness, which is very sad. With the Iridient X Transformer you can convert your Fuji RAF files into DNG and still have all RAW power including to select your camera color profiles like astia, velvia… in post.

The difference is like day and night once you compare the results side by side, it´s allmost like you are refocusing your lens.

This was shot using the Fuji X-T2 + Fujinon 50-140 2.8.


On some images you will probably not going to see the difference at first look, but if you zoom / crop in you can definetly see that the Iridient DNG file shows a lot more detail like in this comparison shot in the eyes and the dress texture of the doll.

This is shot with the excellent 16mm 1.4 which is super sharp at 1.4


You can see a lot more detail using the DNG file and shows you what your Fujinon lens is really capable of.


If you want to try it out you can download the Demo here: Iridient X Transformer

Default Settings:

One thing to keep in mind, some settings in the X Transformer can lead to some unwanted noise even with low iso, i would recommend these settings:



If you don´t want to convert your images i can also recommend ON1 Photo Raw as your editor, as i said in my review it gives you also a much better FUJI Raw processing with more detail and sharpness:

ON1 Photo Raw Software REVIEW *Update*


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