In the Zoo with Sony + Canon + MC11 Adapter

In todays blogpost i want to show you all my results from yesterday using the Canon 70-200 F4 L  on the Sony A7II + MC11 Adapter in a zoo.

If you haven´t allready make shure to read my complete review for the MC11 Adapter and also the Canon lens and watch the Videos on YouTube:

Sigma MC11 Adapter REVIEW

Now what i wanted to test with the Canon in the Zoo was how good is the AF-C now with the MC11 really?  In my next post i will bring you a fully featured blogpost with a video though testing the AF-C and comparing the MC11 to cheaper adapters. Right now i can say it´s working just great and the only thing i´m missing is the Lock-on AF, because that would help a bit more to capture flying birds. I only had like 20 min. or so shooting photos of the amazing eagle, so not enough time for really preparing for an eagle flight with the Canon.  Now i will not write too much in this blogpost and rather show you my results, because i really think that  results speak more than 1000 words 🙂

All images shot handheld:


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