Fuji XT2 Electronic Shutter Test / Sony A9 Hype? VLOG

In this VLOG i´m visiting a wakesurf event called bubble days which takes place every year in Linz, Austria. So a nice opportunity to once again test my Fuji X-T2 with the Fujinon 50-140 2.8 and the booster grip for some sports action using the electronic shutter.  In this video i´m showing you that the XT-2 is capable of shooting with no blackout similar to the SonyA9.

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Speaking of the A9, this Sony Camera is extremely hyped these days, everyone is talking about the A9. What do you think about it? Let me know down in the comments.

Here are my 2 cents: for me the A9 is totally overpriced, if you look at the body which is not fully weathersealed, only basic dust and moisture seealing and I really don´t understand why Sony chose to keep the same small A7 body design basicly for a camera that costs body only 4500$ and is targeted at professional sports, wildlife photographers.

You can get the Fuji XT-2 which is fully weather sealed + Booster Grip already for 1.820 $…so that’s a huge price difference.

Of course the A9 is fullframe, the XT-2 is APSC, but both have 24 megapixels and can shoot very fast, the A9 is the fastest camera allive with 20 FPS, but only by using the electronic shutter. It´s mechanical shutter is very slow with only 5 FPS. The A9 also has a very high buffer rate and so on, of course I know that, and i´m really not saying that the A9 is a bad camera, but I really think its overpriced like a lot of people allready said.

The X-T2 on the other hand can shoot 14FPS using the electronic shutter and 11 FPS using the mechanical shutter and the booster grip and like I said is fully weather sealed, so the price quality ratio is a LOT better on the Fuji if you ask me.


First I shot some 4k video with the xt2 and the Fujinon 50-140 2.8, the AF-C custom seting was set to track subject and ignore obsticles which worked great for me for these shots.


In my electronic shutter test which you can see in the video above you can see that the XT-2 + booster grip can do very similar things like the Sony A9,  you can´t see blackout when you are pressing  and holding the shutter and the XT-2 is also completely silent if you turn of the shutter sound.

Of course you don´t have that huge buffer which you can fill up quickly like on the A9, but if you shoot in intervals you can get some pretty long sequences like the ones i´m showing in my video->make shure to watch!


A lot of people who want a silent fast electronic shutter forget that the Sony A9 is by far not the only camera which can do that and for a far cheaper price also.

Update: 18-06.2017

Here is some additional info, all the images you see in my image sequences in the video are shot using uncompressed raw files. So there is a LOT of data that has to be pushed by the XT-2. I will test more at a different event using JPEG, because that will give me even longer sequences.

Rolling Shutter:  As you can see in these images in the video, i shot about 1.000 images nearly in total, there is very little rolling shutter visbile like in the shot with the  RC Airplane and the people who are watching it and maybe very very little rolling shutter on the propeller of the airplanes.

Shure this can happen when you pan the lens really, really fast, but on all other shots you  really can´t see rolling shutter and of course you can switch the XT-2 anytime to the mechanical shutter and enjoy 11 FPS, which is sitll very fast and again keep the price of the XT-2 in mind.

I´m really not hating on Sony or the A9, I was a Sony shooter for long time and I really appreciate Sony for pushing the sensor technology and at the same time I can´t wait to see similar A9 sensor tech and focusing system used in the next Fuji XT-3 maybe?

I think Fuji is taking a lot of notes allready, like sony did for the A9 and upcoming A7III.

Regardless if you’re a Sony or a Fuji shooter, I hope you enjoy this video and image samples!

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