Fuji XT2 Electronic Shutter Test


In this blogpost i want to show you my results testing the Fuji X-T2´s electronic shutter using the excellent Fujinon 50-140mm 2.8 lens + Booster Grip.


I allready reviewed the Fujinon lens here if you want read everything about the 50-140mm 2.8




For this test i really wanted to focus on using the electronic shutter with the booster grip and shooting with 14 FPS high speed burst with continues focusing.
The AF-Mode i used was single point and the AF-C custom setting 2 “ignore obstacles & continue to track subjects”

As my main moving subjects i have chosen some seagulls, i wanted to shoot single seagulls and found out that the best focus area setting that worked for me was the single point AF in AF-C.

I haven´t used the electronic shutter for a while and haven´t looked into the settings, i could not hear any sound when pressing the shutter, so my first impression was why isn´t the camera firing? Then i realized that i had turned off the shutter sound and when you do that the camera is dead silent, which can be so usefull for wedding photography or in any places where you don´t want to make any sound to disturb someone.

So the next thing i did is to turn on the electronic shutter sound, because i needed some audio feedback when the camera is acutally shooting photos so that i know after a burst i can stop, review my images, and then continue again.


Here are some results of that test, all shot in raw, simple editing, added the velvia profile in post and a bit of color effex pro on top:

As you can see with my focus settings i got a lot of shots in focus, if you want to try this, make shure that the single af point is set to the biggest size. As i said in my Fujinon 50-140 2.8 video review, shooting with such a telephoto lens needs a lot of practice, especially when you shoot fast moving subjects like flying birds.

I got the best results when i first tracked the bird from a more far away distance for some seconds, holding down a focus button which i assigned in the X-T2´s menu, to make shure the bird is in focus all the time and when the bird was flying in my direction then i pressed the shutter and shot my 14 FPS burst while following the bird with the lens all the time.

That worked really great, and as i said once you practice it a lot you will also get a lot of shots in focus.

One thing i noticed with the electronic shutter though is that like in this shot here i got some kind of rolling shutter effect while quickly panning the lens follwoing the bird, but i really only noticed it in this shot:



I also made some shots using the electronic shutter and trying out the 3 shot bracketing. The bracketing worked excellent with the electronic shutter, the speed in which the X-T2 takes the 3 brackets is very very fast, so i had no problems shooting all of this handheld with the Fujinon 50-140mm 2.8

With the mode dial on the top of the X-T2 you can quickly switch it to bracketing and then back to any other mode, which is great. You can also make further bracketing settings in the menu  from +-1/3 to +-2 and you can also do ISO bracketings and even different Film Simulation and white balance bracketings.

As far as the image quality goes i´m not seeing any downsides, even the bokeh looks still very nice.


I really enjoyed using the electronic shutter and i think i will use it now more often, especially for sports and wildlife outdoor in the nature. Indoors i would recommend using the mechanical shutter when you only have artificial light, because of the flickering of the lights that will be recorded in your images using the electronic shutter.


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