Freestyle VLOG #3 – Vlogging with the Fuji XT2 PART1

In my latest freestyle vlog i´m trying the Fuji XT-2 for vlogging. For the sound i bought a Rode Micro and a variable ND Filter from K&F Concept to be able to film with an aperture of F1.4 with my Fujinon 16mm 1.4

The XT-2 doesn´t have a screen which you can turn around to see yourself, but check out my video how to vlog without the screen. If you haven´t allready make shure to subscribe to my YoutTube channel!



Update: turned up the filter too much in this part, i will post a follow up video soon showing that the filter really works very good for it´s small price!

Make shure to watch part II where i´m showing the  filter again:



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