Cumberland Wildpark with Sony, Canon & Sigma + VLOG


Recently i have been to the Cumberland Wildpark with a photographer friend of mine. The Park is situated in Upper Austria, near Grünau (Salzkammergut). It has a  very large size of 60 hectare and it is situated in a huge and lush nature environment surrounded by mountains and forests, which is really beautiful.

This region is just great for hiking and also the Cumberland Wildpark is  perfect for hiking and enjoying the Nature with your family, great for children too and of course to take photos there.

So the lenses i took with me where the Canon 70-200 F4 L for animal/wildlife shots and the Sigma 24mm 1.4 because of its wide angle to shoot the landscape and some long exposures. My Sony A7II was of course with me, 2 batteries and 2 sd scards, all packed in my small LowPro backback. I also had my Samsung NX500 packed in my Camslinger Streetomatic bag + Monopod + Manfrotto Fluid Video Head for the 4k VLOG with me to film this trip.

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Now the main reason why we wanted to visit the park where of course the animals, this wildpark should have like 70 different animal species, but we could only see very few of them unfortunately. When you visit such a wildpark the expectations are high, i thought the animals have a lot of space and are not locked in small cages like in a small zoo. The more we where surprised actually to see that the complete opposite was the case, the wolfs and especially  the bears and eagles are being held in an enclosure which is far too small with very tight latices, so its also very difficult and not nice to shoot images of these great animals.  The wild horses for example and deers.. have plenty of space  for comparison. So we only took a few shots of the animals which you can see below.

Nevertheless we took the chance to shoot the beautiful nature environment there and also some long exposure shots, i didn´t want to carry a tripod with me so i just used my backpack and placed the Sony A7II on it with the Sigma 24mm 1.4. I also wanted to test the  Sony Smooth Reflections App again, so i  didn´t use a ND1000x filter these shots. If you are interested in a review of this app you can read my review and watch the video here:

Sony Smooth Reflections App vs. ND1000x Filter REVIEW

I think this app works really great, if you are too lazy to put a ND Filter on or you forgott to take one with you or you simply have lenses where you can´t put one on then this app gives you some great results.

The setting i have used in the app was customn with a Smoothing setting of 64 Shots, you can go up to 256 shots if you want for the smoothest result, but i think 64 is a very good setting.


Some more natur  impressions of this amazing region all shot handheld with the Sigma 24mm 1.4:


We really enjoyed this trip, allthough we expected to see more “free” animals, but we will come again just for hiking in this amazing region.


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