Autumn in 4K Part II


Todays blogpost ist about part II of my autumn in 4k series i recorded in Linz, Austria with the Panasonic LX100.

For part II i could film on a very sunny day, so i also used a ND Filter 0.64x and again everything was shot handheld, the stabilizer left to right in the LX100 was turned on and ISO 200 was used.

All settings:

  • Contrast: -5
  • Sharpness: -2
  • Saturation: -5
  • Highlights: +2

The colorgrading was done in premiere pro cc and i used a look that comes with premiere cc called “Gold Western” as a base, with this setting the colors shine and i further customized the settings. In this grading i tried to push the 4K files of the LX100 to its limits to get the most out of it, i´m not a scientific specialist but i think the result shines in this video. When you do your grading it really helps using a second screen on where your video runs in fullscreen so when you do changes like shadow recovery, highlights to make shure you don´t overdose it, this will result in noise and color noise.

I´m very pleased with the result 🙂 Have a look, use fullscreen and switch to 4K (you don´t need a 4K monitor to watch 4K)


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