7 years ago – The Sony A200


On todays blogpost i take a look back 7 years ago when i bought my first DSLR, the Sony A200.

Wow thats a long time ago, and hey how proud i was! 🙂

About the Sony A200

Sony α 200  is the third model of Sony α digital cameras. The model offers a slight upgrade from the Sony α 100 at a lower price. It first shipped in February 2008.

It was officially succeeded by the Sony α 230, however the α 230 seems to be targeted towards a more entry-level market as the α 230 is much lighter, also several features have been removed and direct buttons to several options have been replaced with on-screen menus. Many Alpha enthusiasts believe that the true replacement for the α 200 is the α 450 as it is more similar in size and weight, features and target market.

The Sensor is an APSC – CCD with 3.872 x 2.592 pixels, which might not seem a lot, but for facebook and the web this would still be enough resolution even in 2015.

It could shoot jpeg and raw and had ISO 100-3200 which seems like a joke compared to what Sony cameras of 2015 are capable of, but have a look at some of my favorite shots came out of this great camera, all of them are shot with the kit lens that came with it and later the Tamron 90mm Macro, which is still a great lens:


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