Shooting JPEG with the XT2 + 16mm 1.4

In part 3 of shooting JPEG with the Fuji XT-2 i´m taking my Fujinon 16mm 1.4 with me on a trip to the IKUNA nature resort in Natternbach, Austria.

With me was of course my beautiful daughter and i had a bagpack with me full of  waterbottles, salted pretzel sticks… so i wanted to travel as lightweight  and comfortable as possible and the best way to do this is with the Camslinger Streetomatic bag. This  very usefull bag is perfect for the Fuji XT-2 and 1 prime lens and you can wear it around your hips.



The IKUNA is a huge nature resort where you can sleep in 4 stars hotel-tipis and the resort is a huge playground for children and adults too 😉


Of course it´s also a playground for taking photos, so i took the chance and shot some beautiful Fuji colors using the fim simulations astia, classic chrome and acros for black & white.

All photos you see here are shot handheld and i adjusted them using the Q menu directly in the camera,  they pretty much allready came out like this since i was shooting jpeg, but i edited them some more in capture one adjusting shadows and highlights. Shooting JPEG only in bright sunlight is quite challenging, once you shot your jpeg its over, you can´t recover the highlights that much, the shadowrecovery is pretty good though with JPEG.


We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed our stay here in the IKUNA resort and are planning to come again. Even that the sunlight was very harsh and it was quite difficult to get good results, i´m very happy with the JPEG results i got using the Fuji XT2 and the fantastic 16mm 1.4 which is amazingly sharp and the colors really pop.

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