Shooting JPEG with the Fuji XT-2 + Kit Lens

In this short blogpost i want to show you some of my jpeg shots out of the Fuji XT-2 together with the 18-55 Kit lens. The process of just taking time and choosing Fuji´s beautiful film simulations like Acros and Classic Chrome, tweaking it in camera allready and knowing that you will get great looks is one of the best features of the XT-2. The jpegs have great quality even with the Kit Lens which is really really impressive. All the jpegs are edited in capture one with very little work, just boosted contrast a bit on the acros files, shadow highlight tweaks, saturation for the classic chrome, but the look and color was allready allmost perfect. I really enjoyed shooting some jpeg shots with my XT-2 and the fantastic Fuji kit lens and i can highly recommend to you trying it!

If you haven´t watched my video review of this great Fuji Kitlens here it is:


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