Nik Color Efex Pro + Lightroom Workflow Tutorial


In this 40 min. Video Tutorial i´m showing you my workflow with Nik Color Efex Pro in Lightroom. I have been using Nik Color Efex Pro for a long time, with it´s powerful filters it has become an essential tool for my workflow in lightroom.

Sometimes you don´t have enough light when you are out in the field shooting, very often it´s cloudy and your images will look very flat and boring, in this video i´m showing you how to bring light into your images and also how to get an amazing, smooth and creamy bokeh without using photoshop.

The best thing you can get Nik Color Efex Pro for FREE now, google announced couple a  days ago that you can get this filter collection completely free of charge! Download it here:

The Images i´ve shot for this Tutorial are taken with a Sony A7II + Canon 70-200 F4 L, but you can use any kind of gear for this. I would recommend though to shoot in RAW to get the best results.

So.. make yourself comfortable, get some chips and beer and watch my 40 min. Video, please subscribe to my youtube channel to be one of the first to know when a new video is online!


Here are some images i´ve processed with color efex pro:


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