In my latest Video i´m taking a deep look at the NX1 / NX500 MOD HACK which is available for a quite a while. I allready made a video about the NX500 Bitrate / Bluetooth Hack, but this MOD Hack is so incredible you really have to watch this video, even if you don´t own a Samsung NX1 or NX500 this is the way to go for users to customize their cameras how they like. 🙂

On the NX500 the heavy crop while recording 4k was always a pain in the ass, but now with this mod you can shoot 2.5k with 160 Mbps or whatever bitrate you like without a crop 🙂 The mod also gives you  a allmost completely silent shutter, focus stacking and much more.

It´s amazing how easy it is to install this  Hack and how good it´s working. Please watch the complete Video and if you haven´t allready subscribe to my youtube channel to be one of the first to know when a new video is online! dsphotoblog youtube channel

Please keep in mind that i´m not involved with any Hacks or Mods, so you are responsible for what you are doing with your camera!

The ModHack Files can be found here:

you need to download the file called: NX-KS.zip


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