Music Vine – How to get great music for your videos!

In this review video i want to show you how to get great quality music for your video and film productions. Take a look how easy it is to quickly find some of the best music on the internet!

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I was looking for some great, unique music, not just the typical YoutTube sound which you get for free and which is present in every second YouTube video. As fate wills i´ve seen a special offer  by Music Vine on the Cinema 4d website and listend to a couple of  tracks. 

After that i immediately wrote them an email if they want to partner up, then i had a little chat with Matt Russel, the founder of musicvine, he agreed to partner with dsphotoblog and to provide their great music for my videos. The people at Musicvine are refreshingly uncomplicated and nice people to talk to and i can highly recommend their excellent music service.

Music Vine is a young, award winning music licensing platform, which was founded by Matt Russell & Lewis Foster.
They bring you some of the world’s most fresh and exciting music to filmmakers while offering a set of straightforward
and highly-accessible license options on their website


We are passionate about simplicity. Our minimal interface is designed to be refreshingly uncluttered
and intuitive, while giving filmmakers an array of powerful searching tools. Our curated catalogue
celebrates diversity and character in music, and our approach to talent-scouting is underpinned by a
value for real, emotive performances with the catalogue currently home to over 1800 tracks from
more than 130 world-class artists.

In approaching the market from such an insightful and detailed approach we have solved the
problem that music of a world-class standard was previously very expensive and hard to access.
Whereas ‘stock music’ sites (whose affordable price points made them the got-to resources for
many production companies) are notorious for being bloated with tasteless, ‘canned’ music. We are
putting the world’s best, most relevant production music at the fingertips of the everyday
videographer via a beautiful, straight-forward platform.

To date our music has been licensed by leading high street brands such as River Island, prestigious
car companies such as BMW, as well featuring in Hollywood movie trailers to name but a few
highlights so far.

Music Vine’s Story

Music Vine was founded based on Lewis Foster and Matthew Russell’s experiences in the fields of
both video production and composition. They felt there was a need for an uncluttered music
licensing website with a focus on quality over quantity and a care and understanding of the music
itself. From its straightforward filtering system to the carefully considered collections, Music Vine is
structured to make finding the perfect music effortless.

Music Vine Limited
Company No. 9234137
Studio 14, 30-34 Aire Street, Leeds, LS1 4HT

Following a soft beta launch midway through 2015, Music Vine was officially introduced to market in
early 2016 with marketing efforts increasing throughout the year to establish Music Vine as a unique
licensing option for filmmakers.

In November 2016 Music Vine received investment from 3 angel investors, who went on to invest
further funds in May 2017, totalling over $100k. This investment is being used to completely
redevelop the platform from the ground up, with new features, improved functionality and lots of
powerful algorithms hidden behind the scenes to making finding the perfect track even easier. The
new website is due to launch in early 2018.

Quotes From The Founders

Lewis, on the evolution of music licensing:

A few years back, music licensing was polarized – if you were on the average production budget then you
were confined to stock music sites which dominated as the primary available source for affordable music
for indie film and video production. In many cases, these sites were notorious for being bloated with quite
generic music, and as time passed they became more and more dated and less able to move with the
times. More recently, we’ve seen the rise of a couple of much more interesting, artistically-driven
platforms. Music Vine is joining this positive force and bringing it’s own flavor of fresh, authentic music
with the added benefit of offering a set of particularly accessible license options.

Matt, on the ethos of Music Vine:

Music Vine has two things at it’s heart: simplicity and quality. We’re easy-going guys but also perfectionists
when it comes to design, UX and the general quality of the service we’re building. We want Music Vine to be
a celebration of craftsmanship and creativity in music, while of course always focusing on what’s relevant
and valuable for filmmakers.


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