MOZA Aircross Thumb Controller + Dual Handle REVIEW

In this video i´m reviewing the Moza Aircross + Thumb Controller with my Fuji X-T2. Thx a lot to dsphotoblog´s sponsor GUDSEN MOZA for sending this fantastic little device. Make shure to watch this video how you can use motion control for your videos and subscribe to dsphotoblog´s YouTube channel!


Integrated with a clear OLED display, this multi-functional accessory clearly shows the configuration of
your device. It enables the operator to start or stop recording, remotely adjust the camera focus, and control the gimbal movement.

With this unit, you can also tune the pre-settings for different cameras and lenses so you can find the most appropriate working status for your gimbal.

MOZA Wireless Thumb Controller is built to work with MOZA’s professional line of gimbals such as the MOZA Air. + Aircross. The MOZA wireless thumb controller is an intuitiveassistant with the ability to control your camera’s functions, the gimbal’s movement, gimbal tuning, and calibration.

The Thumb Controller brings you a natural way of translating the movement of your hand into a creative experience using your favorite MOZA gimbal.

Some features are not yet supported with the Fuji XT-2 like start/stop recording and Focus Control via controller, but i´m in contact with Moza and allready told them to give us Fuji users an update.

Moza is a great sponsor and they are very open for feedback, so i´m shure they will improve things for Fuji users too!

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