Minolta APO 100-300mm + NX500 Video Review

Get some popcorn and  warm tea, my new video review for the Minolta APO 100-300mm on the NX500  is ready on YouTube! I have used this vintage telezoom lens for quite a while now on my Sony A7II for taking pictures and love it for its warm look and rendering, so i thought i try it out on my NX500 for 4K Video and pictures.  On the NX500 APS-C Body you get a great 150-450 zoom range with this lens.

Since the NX500 has a 4k Video Crop (which can be annoying) of 1.6 you get even a wider zoom range of 240-720mm!

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Here are some sample results i got with this lens and camera combination on a tripod:

The weather was really not good on that day, very cloudy,  so for a F4.5 – 5.6 lens these samples are very nice, but on a day with more light it can be much better. See my sample shots i got with the Sony A7II with this lens here:

How good can a 70€ 100-300mm lens be? REVIEW


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Please apologise! I overread your article. It is factor 1.6 …. and you put the facts right.
“Since the NX500 has a 4k Video Crop (which can be annoying) of 1.6 you get even a wider zoom range of 240-720mm!”