Magix Movie Edit Pro Software REVIEW

In my latest video i´m showing you how you can get great video quality even with your 4k Video files using the very affordable Magix Movie Edit Pro Software.

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    1. That would be interesting, i agree. Must say though that i’m not really using it anymore since i have davinci resolve 14 Beta free version. This magix software really needs pro res codec, it would run a lot smoother

      1. I’m also using Resolve 14 which is faster than 12.5 but still struggles with 4k h.264 and no support for H.265. The beauty about Magix is no need for pro res as it uses the Intel GPU for decoding 4k realtime playback and 4k preview. Please let us know if you know anyone who has tested it on a Kaby Lake. Seeing is believing 🙂

        1. Well yes if you have a better cpu than my core i5 you should get smoother performance with h264/5 but i think you will still have to use proxy files. Which works but the export time one resolve 14 is just so much faster on my machine. I let you know if i find someone who uses magix whith kaby lake

          1. Thanks – I’m also on an i5 with Win 10 and 16GB and moving to 4K and have heard to a contact at Intel that BM are going to add Intel iGPu support with Quicksync to Resolve but I have no idea when. Planning a PC upgrade for 4K editing. New i9 launch is a bit disappointing – just Xeons with ECC removed in response to Ryzen. Prices have improved but new Kaby Lake 7740X has no graphics.

          2. The new amd ryzen are extremly attractive and quite a lot of people say video editing with it is faster than on intel. I’m not quite ready to upgrade but if i do it would be ryzen probably

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