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This blog is all about my big passion since years: photography and videography which i´m shooting whenever i have time. You can also find a lot of reviews about lenses, cameras, other gear and software too.

I don´t do any scientific tests all you can read here is my real experience i´m sharing with you. When i recommend some gear it doesen´t mean that gear must be for everyone, but great if it helps some people on their decision to buy something. You can support this blog whenever you click on an Amazon link and buy anything you like!

I´m an enthusiast who loves photography and videography and to capture great moments in life. Keep your eyes and heart open for these moments  😉

If you want me to review your product, hardware & software or get in contact for any kind of partnership please send me an e-mail with full details by using the contact form.



Business portrait shot for Avatar Technology, www.avatartech.at published in the Forbes magazine.